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Title: PayPal Strikes Again
Post by: GallowayPrecision on August 28, 2019, 12:41:44 PM
For those of you that still use PayPal, you should stop immediately. While in the past we were forced to use them on eBay, they shut down our payment processing and seized around $13,000 in our account saying we had violated their Acceptable Use Policy. Here's the thing, nothing we sold on eBay violated that, because well they use the blanket statement "Certain Firearm Accessories and Parts are banned from Sale". Don't tell you what parts, because then they can choose at whim what to shut down a small business for. Held our money for six months, well last week they changed their policy stating they would no longer absorb violation fees that they pay to the U.S. Government. Oh and these "violations" are $2500 a pop. They have NO ACTUAL PAPERWORK on what we violated, and refuse to give us anything. Only $2500 violation I can think of would be ITAR, and we don't ship outside of the US. So they kept our $13,000 dollars saying it was fees for violations, haven't told us what it was nor will tell us, and because of the current political climate we can even get our own Sheriff's Department to file charges. They say somewhere buried in the legalese will be clauses that they can do this. Add in that PayPal is super friendly with our current governor and they are in the same f'ing building as our state Attorney General means that money is gone forever. A few months payroll for one employee gone. Bonuses for employees gone. All highly criminal behavior, but completely legal because our illustrious Government has allowed corporations more rights than actual people. Think we were the only ones? Nope, everyones favorite grip appliqué Tractiongrips, Type 01 FFL Dealer has had their eBay account suspended, and I would guess at this point their account drained as well. Don emailed us this morning with Google Ad Sense terminating his account without ANY PRIOR VIOLATIONS OR REASON, stating it is due to a change in their policies. Wake up people, Big Brother doesn't have to ban shit, they're getting their corporate lackeys to do all the work for them.
Title: Re: PayPal Strikes Again
Post by: pecospuppy on August 28, 2019, 06:34:34 PM
This makes me sick.  The only way we are going to stop this tidal wave of 2nd amendment persecution is to march on DC until they change.  If no one protests they will keep moving forward.  Where is the movement to march?  I know it's hard to get it organized.  Just for saying it I'll probably get put on a black list somewhere, but I'll spend a couple vacation days marching on Washington if a few million others will.

We also need alternatives to the Googles and eBay's.  If we can get some viable competitors they will be forced to compete.
Title: Re: PayPal Strikes Again
Post by: Brandontxh on August 28, 2019, 08:47:52 PM
Yes I got screwed by Paypal and ebay before too. I bought something from this guy that they said was doing something shady but they refused to give me my money even though I was the customer that was the innocent one. I used to live in the bay area so I know what real snakes tech companies are.
Title: Re: PayPal Strikes Again
Post by: MJAb3 on August 29, 2019, 07:34:03 PM
Wow...just wow.

Might be stupid to bring up, but has the NRA been notified about this?
As you mentioned, nothing stated is a violation on either ITAR or RICO.

Stopping this now would be a good decision for the NRA...maybe even something for the minds at USCCA to look at as well.

If you guys can (the theft of funds has to hurt no doubt...), stay tough and more importantly - stay together.  Their wish is for you and others in the firearms related industry, to scatter and fight each other for the scraps just to "survive".

IE: They want you guys to bend to their will as Remington and Bushmaster did a while ago, and go against their industry peers. 

After the meeting of the minds with you and yours, along with the NRA and USCCA...and if it's agreed to be a feasible course of action - maybe a go fund me or similar to replenish at least some of the stolen funds?

...If these are all dumb points, please disregard.  Just spit-balling.

Good Luck on however you proceed

I don't have much, but I'll donate what I can for sure.
Title: Re: PayPal Strikes Again
Post by: GallowayPrecision on September 05, 2019, 10:50:41 AM

This video on our YouTube channel explains everything a little better, I didn't pick the thumbnail that makes me look like I'm pushing a hard poo, YouTube did. 
Title: Re: PayPal Strikes Again
Post by: wild cat mccane on September 14, 2019, 10:17:35 AM
You knowingly violated their terms of service that was made public in the news YEARS ago. They are a private company and we live in America.

Take some American made accountability.

Yeah. I said it.