Author Topic: Getting more eyeballs on here with "search engine optimization"  (Read 369 times)


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I think one of the issues is that this website's SEO does not seem to be very strong. If you search exactly for "diamondback forum" then it shows up on top. If you search for anything else, it's nowhere to be found, at least not anywhere in the first couple of result pages. Each thread on here should be a separate page and therefore a separate Google result listing. It seems like Google currently only sees the parent site as one destination. I'm not an expert on this stuff, but just my perception. If you search for something like "best flash hider for ar15" you'll see about 10 different results from the website. It would be great if searching for "diamondback db15ccb" had the same kind of action on Google, with multiple results pointing to the different threads on this forum.

I've also been trying to spread the word on this forum whenever I type up a review on my rifle (e.g. RK Guns) or participate in a discussion thread on a different site. The more folks we can get active on here, the better the experience and the more information we'll all have at our disposal :main_victory_ncc: