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C Product Defense 30-round Magazine for 5.56 / 223 ($10)
« on: August 12, 2017, 10:08:39 PM »
I decided that I wanted a 10-round mag for my backup mag instead of the 30-round mag that comes with the DB15 rifles. I'm selling my slightly used C Products Defense magazine, which is stamped "6M9N8" and ".223 / 5.56 SS" on one side and "07220101" then "Made in the USA" on the other side. This is a 30-round mil-spec magazine with anti-tilt follower.

You can purchase these new for $15 online, so I'll offer this like-new one for $10 plus shipping, which should be like $3. I really haven't used this magazine much at all, but it has a little lead / powder grey marks on the orange follower. Other than that, it looks brand new.

Here is some additional information from the manufacturer:

C Products has been producing top quality AR-15 magazines for over 50 years to exacting specifications. The durable steel construction of the magazine body is robotically welded for a precise fit and unequaled durability. Not only does the magazine feature levels of precision that were unheard of previously but they also include a newly designed anti-tilt follower. With a proven track record of producing some of the most reliable AR-15 magazines there are few better choices when shopping for an AR-15 magazine.

All of the parts, processes, and labor that go into manufacturing C Products Defense magazines are sourced right here in the United States of America!

Manufacturer Number: 3023041178CP
Caliber: .223 Rem/5.56 NATO
Capacity: 30 Rounds
Material: Steel
Finish: Black Matte
Orange Plastic Anti-tilt Follower
17-7 Stainless Steel Wire Spring
Item#: MAG-889-001


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