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Steyr Mannlicher SL Fullstock Carbine in .223 Remington
$1050 USD plus shipping/insurance.
20” Barrel with 1:12 twist.
Double set triggers.
Two recently purchased magazines.
Rifle works as it should…. One ragged hole at 100yds if you do your part.
Below: the extremely rare called flyer ..... so I stopped at #3.   
Two swivels for sling/strap.
Minor dings on stock…. This was an OEM factory oil finish that Steyr used for a year or so back then.
Metal and bore have no issues.
Very nice and accurate rifle.

I purchased it in ‘79/’80 when it was a few months old and it had only been sighted in when the original owner had to sell several firearms to pay for damage to his yacht.
There might be about 500-600 rounds fired by me and I load them “easy on the bore” for punching paper targets.
Never in the field for hunting….. you can be the first!

Walther PPK/s 380 ACP/9mm Kurz-Corto Smith & Wesson Stainless Steel
Works as it should.
Bought two new pistols several years ago...... will be keeping one and the family says
let this one go as there are a variety of this caliber available.
Some minor scratches but the pistol is very nice and runs.
$525 USD plus shipping and insurance.

Any questions please PM.
I can ship to your FFL from South Florida or make other LEGAL arrangements.
Will ship when funds clear.
Moving to Brown Bear country and want to finance appropriate firearms.

First “I’ll take it”.

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Re: SPF Steyr **** Walther Withdrawn.
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We’ll never sell the DB380/ze, in fact I’m going to make wood overlays for mine, but will include 3 of my slightly used OEM mags with the sale of the PPKs or Steyr.
If you love the 380ACP round ..... a “steel is real pistol” with a SA action as well as DA ..... and capable of lotsa range time a non-issue...... you might enjoy a Walther.


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that Steyr is so nice!! Damn I wish I was in the market for it. Gorgeous weapon!!
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