Author Topic: Wake County Range Temporarily Closed  (Read 4409 times)


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Wake County Range Temporarily Closed
« on: January 29, 2020, 04:10:04 PM »
The Sheriff of Wake County, Gerald Baker decided not to renew the contract for the civilian program, claiming it was not profitable enough. He failed to mention that the range was paid for by bonds from the people of Wake County and was not intended to be a huge money maker. For the civilian program, the range was only open on 3 weeknights and Saturdays and Sundays. Daytime weekday programs are reserved for law enforcement use. Huge numbers of civilians applied for a permit to use the range via a cost and a 2 hour orientation program. Classes are always at least 30-40 people strong, and those that qualify via the testing program are now eligible to use the facility. It 's the only facility in the Wake County area that offers pistol stations and up to 100 meter indoor rifle distances. Awesome.

I used the facility often. Probably more than any law enforcement officer. So why did the new Sheriff decide to block the facility from civilians that purchased it? Politics and his desire to block civilians from access to training. It's the typical leftist trait of denying law abiding citizens from practicing their Constitutional rights.

The only recourse for now is to remove this psychotic asshole from office in the the next election. He rode his campaign with the same name as the popular Sheriff Baker from a previous administration, where people believe they were related. They were not. This is criminal to me.


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