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Choose a cartridge?
« on: February 08, 2020, 08:08:25 PM »
How about a 17HMR vs the 308 Winchester? My bolt action 17 HMR is a serious tack driver and way fun to shoot groups from a bench, but way too heavy to haul around for gophers, squirrels, and other rodents. It wasn't that way until I replaced the plastic stock with a Boyd's laminated stock and now the rifle is crazy heavy, but crazy accurate. Huge trade off, right?

The 308 on the other hand is also crazy accurate given the right combination and also pretty heavy for slinging around your favorite hunting grounds. I guess it all depends on the size of the game you're going after. The 17 HMR will devastate a rodent to where it's not recognizable as such, and the 308 will completely destroy a larger rodent, such as a feral hog. The correct decision here is to use the largest cartridge for the day you're hunting, and if you have to shoot a rodent with a 308, so be it! No meat, but just plain fun!

17HMR vs 308 Win.
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