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DB10 .308 pistol questions
« on: April 18, 2021, 06:51:47 AM »
Just picked up a 13.5in pistol version. Plan to SBR and add a .308 can. Have a few questions:

1. What charging handle do you suggest? I know they don’t have a milspec so would a gas buster PRI work?

2. I’m thinking of replacing the brake with a silencerco ASR one so I can add a can. - any experience with either? Will I need an adjustable gas block to cycle with a can? If so my suggestions and what is the size?

3. What accuracy should I expect out of a 13.5 barrel. My other 308 is a precision rifle so obviously this is meant for 100 yards and less.

4. Any experience or recommendation on triggers?

Thanks in advance... btw is there an email for DB CS? Their website seems to be down.


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