Author Topic: NEW Sidekick - Cylinder locks up and fails to advance to the next chamber  (Read 157 times)


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Just bought a NEW Sidekick. I have not fired it yet; however, I have an issue.
When I cock the unloaded pistol - both the 22 LR and the 22 Mag Cylinders LOCK UP when the gun is pointed either horizontal, or toward the ground.
BUT both cylinders operate correctly when the gun is pointed up towards the ceiling.
It appears the metal tab (pawl) that advances the cylinder is loose, so gravity is not letting it fully retract unless the gun is pointed up towards the ceiling.
I have fully cleaned the gun thinking that perhaps Diamondback uses some type of shipping lube that could cause the issue; however, the cylinders still lock up and fail to advance to the next chamber.
I like the Sidekick, but am disappointed in what appears to be a quality issue.
**  I'm curious if there is a moderator on this forum who can shed some light on this issue, or let me know if
      I am missing something and offer any suggestion if this can be corrected without having to ship this new gun
      to Diamondback?

- Thank you and have a great day!


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Update #1:

It appears that Diamondback does not monitor this forum, so I called Diamondback a week ago regarding my Sidekick cylinder issue.

I was told to submit an on-line Service Request and someone from their gunsmith department would contact me with further instructions.
I submitted the on-line Service Request a week ago to start the warranty process, but nobody has contacted me yet.

Will try to keep this post updated with my experience regarding Diamondback's warranty process.


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Let us know what they tell you.  I've been interested in the sidekick too but if they're too problematic, I may hold off.