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A Range Moment
« on: April 04, 2014, 08:40:12 PM »
Headed to the range today, 'cause, umm, it's Friday? Yeah that's a reason, right.  :main_victory_ncc: So anyway, I have a new 10mm I wanted to test, so grabbed a variety of ammo for it, and also grabbed another 10mm to take just in case the new one breaks. While I'm at it I threw in some 9mm to run the DB9 and my Boberg XR9S 9mm as well. For the 9's, I grabbed the Federal Premium HST Tactical Law Enforcement. How's that for a name on the box? Dang, man, I kept looking over my shoulder not knowing if it was legal to shoot this stuff!  :main_grin: Ok, just messin', but Federal does have this screwy policy to not sell this ammo to non- LEO types. That's their direct sale policy. They really don't care what the vendors do, so I have a stash of the stuff. Look it up. Check the gel and denim test. The bullets expand really huge, and they are very consistent! I think it's one of the best 9mm bullets out there. There is a 'however', though, and that's that the OAL is long. Why they spec'ed it that way I don't know since it's just 124gr. What that means to me is that with the Boberg's reverse loaded magazine, as example, they're so long that it takes a little finesse to load. The DB9 mags load fine, however (again), it tends to stick to the ramp if you rack it slowly. So rack it fast right? Right! It works. I've seen where Bruce mentioned he had some feeding issues with the HST in the DB9, but so far, nary a problem with mine. If I rack it slowly, it will snag, unlike the Hornady Custom FTP or any Hornady for that matter, where I can ease rounds into the chamber very smoothly and slowly (I'm going with stealth

The 10mm's shot fine with the four varieties of ammo I took, including the nastily stout Underwood standard pressure full 10mm loads. Talk about a testosterone rush! I did have an issue with the new 10mm, a Tanfoglio Witness P-F, a Polymer Compact with a 14+1 capacity. The  recoil spring broke after 20 or so rounds. I looked at it while cleaning and lubing before heading to the range and thought, that's a ridiculous design using dual springs. I had several full size 10mm recoil springs at home, so cut a couple different strength springs to size to 'feel' for the resistance I wanted. Feels good now, but will need to go back for a test. You build your range session excuses with every opportunity...

As for the DB9, it ran the Federal HST without issue. Right up to the point (25ish rounds) where striker quit functioning. Argh. I tore it down when I got home and just as suspected, the sear cage pin had walked. Again. I had staked it in place so it wouldn't free float, and it worked great for some time, but even staking it didn't completely fix the problem, or at least 'my' staking job may not have been the best in the world. Rumor has it that new guns will have fluted pins to prevent this from happening, but that's all I know about it for now. Boy, if DB ever gets a coupe details worked out, they will be ultra reliable. Beefier trigger return springs and that sear cage pin. Mine's good to go again, but how long before it walks again is the question... I really don't have issues with grinding a narrow groove across the pin and cage and just brazing it in place. I have some heat block putty, so I don't think I'll ruin the tiny cam spring. Screw it, I'm heading to the shop!



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