Author Topic: db-380/9 GRIP PLUGS  (Read 3049 times)


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db-380/9 GRIP PLUGS
« on: March 01, 2015, 08:59:54 AM »
I have grip plugs db-380/9.


1)You will have to file light and fit tight.
2) Put tiny drop of "gel" super glue w/a tooth pick for a more permanent fit. Has bumps on lower part to hold it in, once in it looks great.
3)Small rat tail file and finger-nail files work.
4)The oriental nail ladies can paint flags,emblems,logos on your plug.
5)Two grip plugs for 14$.
6) fits db-380  & DB-9

other opinions:

1) use militec grease on your rails for 500 rnds.
2) use militec-1 oil with hair dryer, militec tiny bottle & tube of grease on ebay to your door for under 10$each,  and last for years.
3) get with eric @ for new trigger springs (aftermarket & quality). Chris, the owner of the forum designed the springs .
4) de-burr & wax your magazine  follower many times while watching tv.
5) spend the money @ mic holster for the kydex trigger cover (google it).

6) l can show u how to make figure 8 shoulder holster if ya want, u will need mic holster for safety no matter what.

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