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Custom Holsters Pocket Carry
« on: November 18, 2015, 09:08:47 PM »
Hey everyone, I've learned alot on these forums but never really posted anything. So I feel I have something to contribute now, custom holsters for our pistols!

I took a design that I call the "Boot" design and have made some extremely effective and cool looking holsters. Check out the picture and I have a video of them in action on my Facebook KD Custom Leather

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IMG_1995.jpgCustom Holsters Pocket Carry
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IMG_1984.jpgCustom Holsters Pocket Carry
* IMG_1984.jpg (65.1 kB . 480x360 - viewed 595 times)

I'm posting just to show how I carry everyday but if you would like to have one made contact me!
Also, mention that you found me on here and the DB9 and DB380 holsters will only be $50 shipped anywhere in the U.S.


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