Author Topic: Trigger Springs, Scope Caps, and Flash Hider [For Sale]  (Read 1872 times)


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Trigger Springs, Scope Caps, and Flash Hider [For Sale]
« on: March 10, 2017, 03:49:21 PM »
Hey all! Just wanted to share that I'm selling a couple small items from my DB15CCB. I decided it would be easiest to just post them on Ebay, so here are the links. I started each auction at $0.99, but not sure where they'll end up. Feel free to shoot me any questions if you're interested!

Nikon Flip-up Scope Caps [LINK]
>> I decided not to use caps on my Nikon M223 4-16x scope, so I put them up for sale; they have never been used.

A2 Flash Hider & Crush Washer [LINK]
>> I personally don't like the flash hider for hunting purposes, but they do look cool and they help to protect the muzzle crown. This one was used for factory testing at Diamondback but is otherwise brand new.

JP Trigger Springs [LINK]
>> I bought the JP Enterprises reduced power spring kit and then ended up only using their hammer spring. The trigger spring and disconnector spring are both brand new, and if it's helpful, I can throw in the factory hammer spring from my DB15CCB so you have a complete set.

Buffer Tube End Plate [LINK]
>> This is my DB15CCB stock end plate, which I removed right when I purchased the rifle so I could attach a single-point sling.

Trigger Guard [LINK]
>> This is my DB15CCB stock trigger guard. I replaced this with a larger, rounded guard so I could fit my finger in with heavy gloves during hunting.

Pictures of each are on their respective Ebay pages :main_shades_smile:


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