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My Savage 17 HMR
« on: November 13, 2019, 04:37:39 PM »
I just finished bedding a Boyd's laminated stock. Not super happy with the job since there are little surfaces to bed with the exception of the barrel ring and forward receiver (barrel is pressed in). The back side of the receiver (trigger assembly area) is so complex that I didn't add any bedding material there, especially since it's a tight fit as is. Also, the Savage 17 HMR has no recoil lug, so it's hit or miss with bedding. Certainly, now, the barrel is fully free-floated and we'll see if accuracy has improved any. Of which, BTW, I've been disappointed with previous results.

I woke up this morning to 24 degree temps. If these temps hold thru the weekend, I won't be going to the indoor range for accuracy testing. Bummer. Yeah, it's indoors, but not heated, so whatever it is outside, so it is inside plus the air exhaust fans. Brrrrrr.

17 HMR is supposed to be more accurate than 22LR, but I'm (and my son that also has one) are having second thoughts. We may need to spend more that 300 bucks for a precision rifle? LOL

My wife loves it when the garage is so cold I need to use the dining room for gunsmithing!  But not really! haha

20190202_163316.jpgMy Savage 17 HMR
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