Author Topic: AM2 trigger issues right out of the box  (Read 2290 times)


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AM2 trigger issues right out of the box
« on: February 20, 2020, 12:56:28 PM »
After safety checking the pistol, I wanted to get a "feel" for the trigger pull.  Much to my surprise, the trigger went all the way back, but nothing else moved.  Took the slide off to inspect.  Pretty simple gun, appears to be well made.  Made sure it was clean and lubed.  The striker was a little bit rough feeling; took it out, cleaned it and dry-lubed it.  With the slide off, everything in the frame works fine.  Pull the trigger, the trigger bar engages the sear, and all is well.  Put the slide on, and the trigger bar does not engage the sear.  Discovered that if I push the slide to the rear a few millimeters everything engages properly.  Took the slide off to investigate further.  It appears that the slide and trigger bar are out of alignment- fore and aft.  With the slide all the way forward- in battery- the 2 raised areas on the trigger bar are too far to the rear to engage the striker block and raise up into the milled recess on the lower rear edge of the slide.  Also, I am unable to release the slide using the slide stop/release lever.  Diamondback was slow to respond to my voicemail messages, but did agree to take the gun back for repair.  I will update as this progresses.
  2-27-20-  UPS dropped off the gun to DB within the last hour.  The clock starts now.
  3-2-20-  received an email from DB saying they have the gun, and to allow up to 4-6 weeks for repair.
  3-12-20-  no news; still waiting.
  3-24-20-  almost a month now, and I've heard nothing.
  4-2-20-  got the gun back from DB.  The paperwork says they replaced the slide and tested it with 30 rounds.  They didn't even bother to pull a bore snake through it.  The slide, and it's components were a little dry.  I cleaned and lubed it again.  Seems to function fine on the bench.  The local range has re-opened for now; I'll get over there soon to see how the gun runs.  Thanks for getting it back to me, DB, even during the crisis.
  4-8-20-  ran 2 magazines through it; runs fine.  However, I don't particularly like the grip texture, or the sharp edges on the trigger when shooting.  I will probably trade it in on a Sig P365.


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Re: AM2 trigger issues right out of the box
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2020, 08:18:33 PM »
I have all of them, the AM2 (my favorite), the P365, DB9, and also the Hellcat. The Hellcat has been 100% reliable, as well as the AM2. My P365 hasn't failed yet, but I can't get over the initial striker failures and just don't rely on it for daily carry. Same with the Ruger LC9S Pro that had a guide rod failure. They replaced it quickly, and all is probably well, but I still wonder what if... andf quit carrying it. Same with the P365. The only pistols I completely trust are the AM2 and the Hellcat. Both are 100% reliable. My DB9 Gen 3 is awesome, and I will carry it if I really need a tiny platform. I had some problems initially, but DB corrected everything and now it runs flawlessly. The only reason I don't have it in the rotation is it's very snappy. After a couple mags I have to wear gloves because I'm weak and tender. Hahaha. But then there's Cody, who ran 2,000 rounds thru his without flinching. I think he's an alien visitor from the planet shraubenger.



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